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5 easy trends to follow for your outdoor living space over the long weekend

Summer is the perfect time to give your outdoor haven a makeover. Whether it’s a garden, balcony or patio, any space can be enhanced with these five easy-to-adopt trends!
Furniture inspired by interior furnishings
As the outdoors becomes more and more an extension of our homes, indoor furniture is also making an appearance outdoors. Graceful and elegant, yet capable of braving all weather conditions, this type of furnishing offers the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetic pleasure.
An abundance of textiles
Make your decor as cozy and comfortable as possible by adorning it with a variety of textiles – from pillows to rugs, umbrellas to throws, and even hammocks. Let fabric fill the space around you!
Plants galore
Add life to your deck by incorporating several plants. Choose hardy species that will beautify your outdoor space – and make you feel like you’re on vacation!
Eco-responsible materials
Sustainable materials are at the heart of today’s decorating trends, with fabrics and wood planks produced in an eco-friendly or recycled manner. Fabrics, wood planks and other building materials made with the environment in mind are taking center stage and creating beautiful spaces with a conscience.
Neutral shades
Neutral tones like gray, black and brown remain a timeless choice for outdoor materials this season. To make your deck really stand out while remaining stylish, add pops of color with colorful accessories (lanterns, LED lights, etc.), and you’re done!