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Here are the 4 golden rules for maximizing the selling price of your home:

  • Choose the right broker (refer to the selection grid) to develop a personalized selling strategy that meets your objectives and expectations.
  • Establish with your broker a detailed plan for selling your home.
  • Set the right asking price based on a comprehensive analysis of comparables prepared by your broker.
  • Get your property ready to be shown off in its best light.

In Quebec, real estate brokers are overseen by the OACIQ and are the only professionals duly authorized to carry out brokerage transactions. They must follow a strict code of ethics governing their duties and obligations and apply them under the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Working with a broker you can trust is key. Do your due diligence: ask for recommendations, look into the broker’s track record and years of experience as a broker, etc. You should be able to ask your broker any question and he or she should be able to answer it. If needed, use our grid for guidance.

Setting the right asking price for your home is the most important step in the entire process. The right price is not necessarily the highest nor the lowest, but the one that strategically positions your property to attract serious potential buyers. This price must be based on an exhaustive analysis of comparables and their interpretation.

After choosing a broker, you need to determine together the best strategy for selling your home, including the right asking price. Then you need to get your property ready for sale. This may involve doing a few repairs, tidying up, decluttering, cleaning, optimizing spaces and furniture arrangements, organizing storage spaces and letting in more daylight. All of these steps will make your home more inviting.

The usual costs to be expected when buying a house include: inspection costs, notary costs, home insurance costs, moving costs, transfer taxes, etc.

One common mistake many people make is looking for a condo with low condo fees. What might initially feel like a windfall can quickly turn into a nightmare if you haven’t budgeted for repeated special contributions resulting from an underfunded condominium.

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